We have a matching Rose patterned formal High Tea Setting and with the beautiful Garden setting, we feel the natural ambiance we provide will create more than a just an event, it will be sure to leave a lasting memory for your guests to passionately recall each time you meet.

Our in house baked goodies are sure to impress and we allow our organisers to choose from an extensive list of suggestions to ensure you meet your guests needs and tick the box for your favourites too.

High Tea in Progress
Here’s a sample High Tea mid way through their experience.

Have you considered that your High Tea could very well be for any of the following:

  • Birthday High Teas
  • Baby Shower High Teas
  • Naming Ceremony High Teas
  • Anniversary High Teas
  • Fundraiser High Teas
  • Hens Party High Teas

Our menus can be tailored to meet specialty dietary and we encourage folks to add your very own special touch to the event with extra sparkles- like balloons, custom blackboards, themed decorations etc.

Our Formal High Teas require a MINIMUM OF 18 GUESTS.

Contact us today on (07) 43037711 to confirm your date of choice.