What does Cooking Around the Fire Do for Your Soul?

Dont shrug off the desire to cook around an open fire as you may just be denying your Soul its genuine source of contentment.

What does Cooking Around the Fire Do for Your Soul?

Published: June 25, 2023

For many countries, cooking around an open fire has been nothing more than a necessity, whereas in today’s food trends, we are looking at ways to bring folks together, to be unique in the food scene and to truly challenge our knowledge in the kitchen.

Having spent 30years working in commercial kitchens, Dion has now taken up the challenge of cooking on coals and seeing just what is possible with both meats and vegetables as a way of exploring his own abilities in this area.

HSG has more recently become known for its unique events and we believe that the open fire cooking method is more than a trend, but something that is set to make a major comeback and simply stay.

Think about it for a moment, the aromas, the visual enjoyment, the stage for an amazing conversation and obviously in winter- its an awesome source of warmth whilst you wait for the mulled wine to take effect.

We always encourage folks to think big when planning their next event and consider the idea that this could well be your next Milestone birthday or simply and excuse the hang with your mates and have a brilliant feed. Call us to discuss your next event- 43037711.