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Creating a Memorable Event

Published: January 25, 2023

When planning your next event, weve got a few suggestions to share as hints & tips that can make the planning easy, or easier should we say.

#1- Have a clear Vision in mind- Most Vendors in the industry are creative type people and love being able to share your vision. If you have a clear image in mind, print off or save images to your phone that you can share with the venue and others involved in your event planning.

#2- Dream Big- We’ve got a saying at home that we remind the kids regularly, “If you can dream it, its possible”. This is not about simply spending your money, but what it is about is having a venue that is flexible and that listens to your desires. We are very fortunate to have a large amount of space, for example, so if you wnat to arrive to your wedding in a helicopter, lets see whats possible before you rule it out.

#3- Dont Procastinate- Alot of folks in charge of making event bookings arent always in charge of the final details and therefore hold off on booking a space, but are then date jumped by folks looking to secure a space. The key is secure your space first if its want feels right and we can then work together to prepare draft concepts for sharing with the board of advisors that are co-hosts of your event.

#4- Ask for help- This is a big one. We often hear event organisers say that we really wanted one of them after they see someone elses great idea. For example, if you want to have some amazing colours on your dance floor, we can liaise with DJ’s or light specialists here locally that can hook you up with start of the art equipment and or necessary staff to bring your production together. Please ask us if we know of any missing resources that you’ve been searching for.

#5- Be Playful- We get to work with so many different event organisers and the ones that create the most memorable events are the ones having fun as they go. Yes, event planning can be stressful, but its about enjoying the journey along the way. The wave of energy and momentum that is created along the way is pulled into your special event with our team involvement and your hard work is done and you can simply become a guest on the night, if your prior planning is done. We create detailed run sheets with you so that on the time if your event, we have the info that we need to run the event and you can be the start of your own show whilst the heavy lifting is done around you.