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Cooking with Passion

Published: October 12, 2022

When you open a restaurant, in your own mind you assume that you will be bringing something unique to the market. Then overtime you get to see that some guests are only really looking to enjoy a good ol fashioned Chicken Parmi.

Well, this old school chef is more about showcasing what our region is all about and fast being well known for- things that are grown, processed, distilled and many other value add techniques.

Cooking in the Bundaberg region is more than opening jars & tins, its exploring the growers fields, meeting the families behind the brands and genuinely feeling like you are part of a super dooper foodie society.

So why is our restaurant not doing alacarte?

You may or may not be aware but there is a national Chef shortage. When we originally opened HSG nearly 4 years ago we were fortunate to have 4 chefs on hand with a number of great line cooks and apprentices & kitchen hands.

Whereas these days i engage casual chefs when required, i do have access to some great kitchen team members but due to the current shortages, wages are not sustainable for large formal kitchen brigades to be on hand when restaurant attendance for many is becoming a treat, especially for the family market.

Currently, we are walking along the path of ticketed events that we host and specialise in bringing local food & quality drinks to the event for all to enjoy. We are a premium event specialist in the region and love working with couples to host their weddings, we host numerous high tea events every month for bridal showers, baby showers and even fundraiser events for a number of local not for profit organisations.

The easiest way to know whats coming up on our events calendar is to follow our facebook page & check in on our events section of our website. Click on the links below:

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Dion before a cooking demo for Bundaberg Tourism