TASTE BUNDABERG- Billabong Grill & Butcher Chat Luncheon - HSG At The Gardens

TASTE BUNDABERG- Billabong Grill & Butcher Chat Luncheon

Published: July 30, 2023


HSG At The Gardens

57 Gorlicks Road, Branyan, QLD 4670

Branyan, QLD, AU, 4670

Celebrating cooking around the fire using HSG’s own- Billabong Grill as we have an interactive Q&A with our local butcher- Des Barritt.

On arrival well gather around the open fire Billabong Grill and get an idea about this initial cooking method and discover the difference in cooking times and just how it must have been back in the yesteryear when thats all we had to survive.

We’ll then settle in to the Gardens Room before lunch is served and have a Butcher chat with thanks to Des Barritt from Barritt’s Butchery.

Des has been in the Butchering industry for many years and has seen vast changes in both styles of butchery, the changes of purchaser habits and we talk about all things meat.

Lunch service will be at approx12:30pm, depending on the cooking progress, but there will be some Pocket Storehouse Sourdough on the table for a light interim snack before we enjoy the:

Proposed Menu:

Slow Roasted Pork

Slow Roasted Chickens

Whole cooked cabbage with Barritt’s Smoked bacon

Roasted sweet potato pieces

and for dessert, lets celebrate with our Baked Strawberry Cheesecake and Passionfruit Gel.

All foods served will be Gluten Free, though due to the nature of this event, no other dietary elements can be accommodated.