Christmas Holiday Trading Hours - HSG At The Gardens

Christmas Holiday Trading Hours

On behalf of the HSG team, we would like to wish each and every one of you a safe and prosperous Christmas Season, New Year and a 2021 filled with joy & happiness.

2020 has not been without its challenges for all of us and without your continued support, we wouldnt be here today.

HSG At The Gardens is more than a family business, it’s a community space for arts & crafts & all things made locally and it’s a recreational facility to relax, enjoy & unwind amongst nature.

Poppy Paul & Dion spend an amount of time daily creating a garden space for you to discover on each visit and their aim is to allow you the flexibility of spaces to enjoy with differing colours, plantings and that vibe that you can only get when you spend time amongst the plants listening to the water features.

We get that it sounds all very woo woo, but it has been a slow process to create and HSG has been fortunate that the bones were already in place, it’s been a matter of a massive tidy up and continued work to improve.

2021 for us will see the Gardens Room floor resurfaced, our outdoor furniture re-sealed and spruced up, an abundance of pavers to relay due to tree roots lifting them and further infrastructure changes behind the scenes to see our service offering grow from strength to strength.

We look forward to seeing you all through the end of 2020 and well into our future!!