Live Music with Peter Sajko - HSG At The Gardens

Live Music with Peter Sajko

Published: December 28, 2019

3rd January, 2020- from 6pm

To celebrate all things School holidays, we’ve decided to bring some live music back to HSG and offer you a relaxed setting for drinks and dinner with some of your favourite live tunes with Peter Sajko.

We’ve chosen Friday night as an end of week- kick back n relax, enjoy the alfresco setting, comfortable seating and a no push n shove space to make yours.

We often find that because HSG is family friendly and your not surrounded by yobbos, that you can settle in with a bottle of wine or a handful of stubbies and simply catch a cab or dial a driver and come back Saturday morning for Breakfast and a car pick up.

The beauty of live music at HSG is why not tie it in with a birthday celebration or simply an excuse to just get out of the house, away from the TV or choirs and have some fun!!