Are you getting Engaged this Valentines Day? - HSG At The Gardens

Are you getting Engaged this Valentines Day?

Traditionally Valentines Day has a very high regard for that special proposal day. Why is that do you think?

The beauty of using Valentines Day for your special memory is that most venues will be hosting something special already for you to choose from. However, please dont think that it all ends there. Why not spruce it up further and make it your custom proposal.

While having a lovely venue with soft lighting, a beautiful meal planned and a nice bottle of sparkling wine goes along way, have you got flowers organised? What about the ring? Are you going to want some space to propose in quiet? Would you like a photographer available? Would you like some extra special table styling?

An old tradition that we feel is still appreciated by many, is the asking the future in-laws for your partners hand in marriage BEFORE the big proposal takes place. Last thing you want to do is start the lifelong journey without everyones blessings.

Intimacy goes along way with winning over your loved one. Could you write a special poem? We can organise a special bunch of flowers for you? We’ve been entrusted before to deliver a meal with your engagement ring placed strategically with the meal.

I guess what we are saying is that we can help take any stress out of your plans for the night. If you do have the ability to “sneak” out and speak with us before hand, we can work out a very detailed plan to ensure your night runs as you’ve got planned in your mind.

Make it heart felt, make it memorable and make it personal.

Feel free to call us on 4303 7711 and ask to speak with Dion about setting up your special moment.

We are a LGBT friendly venue.