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Family Gatherings, Made Easy

Published: December 28, 2019

At HSG we like to take the stress out of you hosting your Annual Family gathering by creating a solution to keep everyone fed, watered and entertained.

We can create custom food menus or let you order from our alacarte menu range.

We have a good selection of both covered areas and alfresco spaces suitable for most group sizes. Typically they are small gatherings from 8 guests to upto to 80guests, depending on the celebration.

We have had some folks go full out with decorators and weve co-created something special with a local decorator, weve had some people do light decorating themselves and then weve had those that have been happy with our flowers as a centre piece.

Family Gatherings need a few key elements to keep everyone happy- Good Music, Good Food, Fun Games for everyone, a selection of Drinks, Space to allow everyone breathing room, indoor and outdoor spaces to escape to/from, and they must be of neutral territory. When you host an event at your place, its like you are expecting the cleaning lady to arrive. So you clean the toilets, make the beds, vaccum the whole house. Who has time for this crap? Seriously, its your family!! Thats why coming to HSG is so much better. No stress, nothing to clean up, all we ask is that your kids dont throw rocks in every water feature. Genuinely you would be amazing just how many and how far they end up.

All jokes aside, all you need to really do is call us on 4303 7711 and ask the following:

Is our date available? Is there a space available? (let us know for how many guests) What menu you would you recommend for our group size? Are you available to help with some custom ideas to make our gathering special?

We believe we can custom virtually any event type to your group size, your budget and your theme. We are looking forward to chatting with you further.