Keeping the Grounds in form - HSG At The Gardens

Keeping the Grounds in form

Maintaining the grounds at HSG is often thought of as a huge job for any one person, but to be fair, its a full team affair.

Paul, Dion’s father who is more commonly known to many of the HSG family and regular guests as “Poppy Paul” is the one that does the bulk of the daily maintenance.

The watering, the mowing, the pruning etc and then he and Dion pair up with the major projects and get creative or get physically punished together!!

Our HSG team however never get that nothing to do feeling, especially in the summer months when the plants are all thirsty, now however its all about appreciating the flowers and watching the bird life.

If we havent invited you to do so before, we do welcome our guest experience to include walking around the grounds, especially when there are no major events on using the lower greens, the kids love that space.

As always, if you have any random bromeliads or hibiscus or agaves or succulents, we love donations to keep our range of plants diverse and colourful all year round.