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Hearty Meals for Beautiful Souls

Tell us- “Whats your favourite flavour combination?”

As part of our on-going healthy food program, we are committed to launching our range of pre-fab meals.

Are you wondering why your body is slow and sluggish after being up for a few hours? Do you actually know what your body needs to be a lean mean & awesome machine?

My question to you is probably a hard one to answer if you are like most people that lead busy lives, but here it is- “Do you eat out of necessity because your stomach is grumbling and you cant focus or because you know your body needs the right fuel to keep going?”

When your car flashes on E for empty, its funny how we prioritise the action associated with finding a fuel stop, often before the light even comes on. On the other hand, our body is showing us daily signs of stress, fatigue, injury and we keep pushing it. Why??

Im not saying that these meals are some magic super pill. Im not saying they are going to take your aches and pains away. I do however want you to know that they will be lovingly made for you. They will be flavourful and they will nourish your body.

Hearty Meals for Beautiful Souls is our catch cry as our clients are well fed, they arent starving. They dont feel over charged and just another number. We make these meals by hand, small batches and with you in mind!!

Send me an email with your thoughts and ideas about any flavour combinations you feel will be a winner and we will see what magic we can work for your meal to be included in our range.

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