Bundaberg's Pet Friendly Cafe - HSG At The Gardens

Bundaberg’s Pet Friendly Cafe

Published: August 21, 2019

We have been working towards creating a space that you can comfortably bring your fur baby along to and we can happily say that this area is finished.

Entering HSG from our Gorlicks Road entrance, you will see 2 huge big umbrellas that frame our Courtyard area and this makes for a perfect breakfast & lunch space to enjoy with your fur baby.

We specialise in Coconut & Lactose Free milk puppycinos and our house baked puppy treats are a great addition to our fur baby visitors experience.

Better yet, this area is not tucked away in a corner, it is very much a social part of our restaurant and visually appealing to all of our visitors.

If you would like to confirm space availability in Bundaberg’s Pet Friendly Cafe or to check on other fur baby visitors, please call us on 4303 7711.