Pocket Store House Pasta a Success!! - HSG At The Gardens

Pocket Store House Pasta a Success!!

As i write this, I’m just in awe as to how Rick, the Chief baker and entrepreneur behind the Pocket Store House can keep coming up with these products.

From very humble beginnings, i recall and tasted a number of Rick’s trial products and as we all do, we encourage each other to keep going. We can get this, we can hone & improve until one day, we look around and go- CRAP!! Look what we’ve achieved.

Well, for me, this is happening right now. COVID 19 can go and take a massive dip in the deepest of oceans and get lost finding its way way back to shore.

The local Bundaberg businesses are working together to forge new ideas, create new products and really stretch the idea of what the “norm” actually is.

Rick’s new Organic Sourdough Pasta line is genuinely nothing short of amazing. It actually feels like he has mastered the concept of a spin on both quality pasta and gnocchi.

Ratatouille with local Silverbeet & Organic Sourdough Pasta.

We’ve working with Rick to ideally create some complimentary cooked pasta toppers to get the market familiar with this new pasta range.

He is working tirelessly with high end universities for supporting accreditation and with his families passion to making The Pocket Store House as amazing business, this 1 product alone is well on the way to great things.